Tuesday, March 3, 2009

visitors . . .

today i had some lovely visitors to my home and studio :
sibella court
( fabulous stylist, her shop the society inc in paddington, sydney is
so interesting and eclectic & worth a visit if you are down that way )
chris court ( photographer & brother of sibella )
and the delightful freelance writer
lollie barr

they were the team from grazia mag
who had come to shoot and write a story
on me and my work . . .

as i was being interviewed in my lounge room
sibella styled parts of my dust & clay filled studio for chris to shoot.
above are snaps of little corners that weren't how i'd left them
but not far off . . . ( photos i took after )
it's an interesting process to watch how others
visualise and style your space while still honouring your look . . .
i felt safe in sibella's hands though . . .

the only downside - having
my photo taken
not something i like having done most of the time
let alone for a magazine
. . .
but they made me feel
very calm and relaxed despite my unease with such things

maybe i just don't feel glamorous enough for such a fashion mag
when most days i have clay under my fingernails and
a dirty clay-splashed apron on . . .

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