Sunday, April 5, 2009


despite the rain and floods
my sister, along with one of my most dear friends kate, and myself
headed to bellingen over the past few days
for work
( but also a road-trip-girls-weekend-away )

amongst the travels were dinners and breakfasts
with the beautiful suzi and dan from affirmations
such open and wonderful people . . .
the kind of souls that confirm your faith in the world
and make you feel as if you've been friends for years !

and, for me, finally traveling to bellingen
brought me to the place where oscar
traveled up the bellinger river with his glass church as
both proof of his love of, and a wager with: lucinda . . .
in peter carey's wonderous (fictional) book

the book was also made into a film
( which i love with equal passion )

and . . . while in bellingen i bought a fabulous antique
writing desk-top with a lifting and sloping lid -
one that holds all your papers, pencils, and ink inside . . .

not only have i been looking for one like this for years
but it seemed such an appropriate memento from
a trip to oscar-and-lucinda-land

i can just imagine oscar writing to lucinda on it
as it was their letters between each other that held their hearts . . .

being a romantic is both a blessing and a curse
( trust me ! )

above is a photo of some beautiful old tiles on the front of a shop in town

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