Tuesday, June 29, 2010

ink . . . and weekends . . .

last year i received an email from jackie and jay
a lovely couple who kindly asked if they could
have a couple of my poems tattooed on each other
for their anniversary . . .

they said the poems would be tattooed 'as they are printed'
and said they would be the
"perfect finish to the tattooed pictorials
of the loves in our lives, ie: each other and our children"
how could i say no !
well, i met jackie on the weekend at finders keepers
it was like meeting an old friend really . . .
she's such a special soul . . .

above is jackie's arms with

in my hand i had a kingdom

{ and }

in my hand i had yours

and then some of my floating leaves

i have to say,
that these two were moved enough by my words
to have them tattooed,
and for the reason of celebrating their marriage,
has bought me to tears, and astonishment . . .

thank you doesn't seem the right words, i don't know what is really?

jay had the following put on his arm:

all in your back pocket

( both poems are from count me the stars )

and finders keepers
was fabulous
such a wonderfilled weekend,
great skies,
great crowds,
and kind and happy customers,
( who make all the hard work worthwhile )

and more than anything,
the inspiring sarah, brooke, and alischa,
who's hard work make for a seamless and magical event
thank you is exactly the words to say to them !

you girls rock ! ! !

for some fab shots of the weekend click HERE

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