Wednesday, January 12, 2011

so much water so close to home . . .

hello friends, customers, stores...

thank you to all who have called,
tried to email (and emailing now that my email is working again...)

my home/studio in milton, although it is high, and by all accounts safe
was evacuated yesterday
due to the distressing state of our beloved city

all our prayers are with our family, friends and neighbours in brisbane
and throughout our big beautiful state
who are suffering through this time

my family have been dealing with this flood disaster for some time now
with friends and family leaving
their homes in central queensland
it really is such a distressing and too close to home time . . .

i will be back in touch when we are back on board

in the mean time if you would like to donate to the flood relief
appeal please click on link below, every cent will help

(title of post thanks to paul kelly, australian singer/storyteller of the people)

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