Sunday, May 8, 2011

yesterday . . .. ..

pia's launch yesterday was just beautiful
so many happy faces, so many people inspired to meet pia
and celebrate this time with her . . .

there will be many photos to share soon
but this is one i snapped of the shadows the garlands cast . . .

garlands made especially by beautiful kristina
to decorate between the sandstone arches where we held the event

i just bid farewell to my dear friend at the airport
had lunch with my mum and family
and now need a good long rest before
this next week comes and i prep for finders keepers . . .

and amongst it all pia has got me onto
instagram (hense the photo above)
for someone who doesn't facebook or twitter
this fits a little better with me . . .
see how long it lasts, but you can follow me if you like
find me at paperboatpress

i miss you already pia
and have loved every minute of the last 3 days

full report on the launch soon
thanks to those who came,
who sent well wishes,
who helped pull it all together

and happy mothers day too to all those out there

especially mine


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