Tuesday, June 21, 2011

i've been away . . . flown the coop for 10 days . . .

i've had a little holiday in japan with my sister . . .

we had bought our tickets long before the devastation
and we decided to go and support their economy
( i always stock up on bits and pieces
for my studio and books and papers for my work )
as tourism numbers have been down nearly 50%,

that and we so love the country and its people . . .

and we are so glad we visited,

we felt safe and welcomed . . .

we met so many special people,
had such lovely little adventures
and supported their economy yes . . .
my pottery collection has
swelled somewhat . . . research i say !!!

and although i fractured my ankle 3 hours before
i got on the bus to the airport to come home a few days ago . . .
(x-rays confirmed today after i realised the pain was not easing)
it's been a swell past two weeks . . .

i don't know what the next two weeks will be like limping around
in pain as i prepare for brisbane finders keepers
and catch up with orders and all the rest . . .

but the glow from such inspiring travels has given me
the strength to keep my chin up . . .

so now, please excuse my
rambling instagram favourite
holiday snaps . . .
it was a lovely to carry just my phone

and share with friends back here, and all over the place ,
the days and the moments . . .

overlooking rainy kyoto

tea with lovely hana from
one of the most special times . . .

decorative gutters at
nijo castle

one of the most inspiring stops at
mina perhonen
seriously beautiful . . . (images above and below)

cafe's with pottery for sale . . .
this one in arimatsu on one of our day trips
to the home of traditional shibori in nagoya

and finally some pictures of the chion-ji temple handicraft market
on the 15th of every month . . . as luck would have it we were
there on the 15th . . . it was amazing to see a packed
craft market and on a wednesday no less !!!
and yes . . . localy made ceramic stalls aplenty . . .

i promise i won't leave it long again before i write again here
still so much to share of other happenings . . .
in the mean time
i'm going to put my foot up !

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