Wednesday, July 13, 2011

pencil case . . .

this little thing has been my constant companion
for the past few weeks
as i finalise work on my 2012 calendar !!!

i didn't get a chance last year to complete one,
after having them made for many years previous to that
i disappointed so many of my dear customers

so this year, i got in early
with the help of my darling sister
and graphic-designer-gal megan

i am printing on the most lovely weighted
FSC card . . . and
they will be available in september
through many of my stockists,
online through my store and biome

as well as at any markets i do
including my annual christmas show . . .

i'll keep you posted when they are available
and share how it looks too

. . . back to the subject of pencil cases . . .
the trusty pencil case has featured in
one of my favourite 80's songs ( i have it on 7" )
it opens with

" i love you from the bottom of my pencil case "

how could you not love a song that says that !!!
the lyrics do ramble into a tale of many women
the songwriter has thanked for inspiration . . . but it is charming,
very UK pop, and dare i say it, a bit retro . . .
as a girl who loves words, i do quite love the song's title

song for whoever
the beautiful south

i hope you enjoy . . .

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