Thursday, December 9, 2010

c e l e b r a t e . . .

the other night i took all my studio peeps
out for dinner . . . all in all a bakers dozen !

they really are the best !

we have had such a big year
and the number of helpers has grown to cope
with the growth of this little business

the best thing of all is the friendship though . . .
the kinship
the place we have created
in each others hearts
( it sounds sappy but it is true . . . )
we help each other through the tough parts of
our day to day
creating a space of refuge and solidarity
where it is ok to come to work
and cry . . .

but don't get me wrong
there is a lot of fun too, a lot of laughter and
( especially the 'wednesday girls' )
a lot of chocolate

and as each year ends
i feel grateful personally and professionally to have this
circle in my life . . .
this team who work so very hard for me and paper boat press
but who have formed friendships within that space too

this friendship i know
just makes the work we do
full of even more love

it is amazing what can happen when your
heart is in the right place

thank you to my 11 gals and 2 boys
who make my work
not seem like work !
who make each day easier to get through
and make the creative life i live continue to flourish. . .

merry merry !

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