Monday, December 6, 2010

recently . . .

i've been in sydney for a couple of days
i visited one of my favourite stockists
. . .
high tea with mrs woo
and had a great dinner
the fabulous gals ( 3 sisters )
behind it all !

we've all felt like friends for so long ( via email )
as i've stocked both their stores for a few years now . . .

it was so nice to share the kindred journeys we've been on
the similarities ( despite the medium )
the hard work
the vision
and ethos of things we do . . .

walking into their store on oxford street
felt like home
full of beautiful touches . . .
a wall of their designs mixed with collections of
old frames . . .
and behind the counter a blackboard with their signature
quote . . . ( see top photo ) ,
one which i have made into a tag for them this year
( exclusively for them )

i purchased a very special
while there
which i'll share at a later date
it is just too beautiful not to share
and not to use !

i also had a long overdue visit to the
donna hay store
( did you see they have a brand new online store now )
the bricks and mortar store
is in a beautiful old sandstone building
and again lovely to meet karen, donna's sister
who has been my email work friend for the last few years
since i've started stocking the store

below are a few photos, one of the display at the counter
with this years ornaments . . .

it is always so great to see all our hard work
sit in a store . . .
in it's second home
before it heads to the next . . .

and finally amongst other outings
i was lucky enough to have lunch with some very dear friends

at this amazing bondi restaurant . . .

with star spotting to boot . . .
he arrived to have lunch just as we were all
sharing dessert . . . and with his arrival
i don't know if we really paid attention

to the sweetness we were eating . . .
it was a pretty swell few days all round really
which was just what i needed in this crazy time of year !

ok enough rambling . . . back to the clay now . . .

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