Thursday, February 3, 2011

finding the coolest spot

we had to escape the heat today,

and, so we didn't abandon work altogether
miss jen rolled the clay in the semi-outdoor studio
and then bought the work into the kitchen
where i am lucky enough to have air conditioning

it reminded me that many years ago
this is where jen and i did a lot of the work
( in another house i used to live in . . . )
paper boat press wasn't making the amount
of pieces each year then as we are now . . .
so our needs for work space were different

but it is sometimes good
to be reminded, out of the blue,
where you have come from, how you've grown . . .

and that in the end if i really want to . . .
i can still make things
in corners and spaces that i thought i'd outgrown
or didn't need anymore

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