Wednesday, February 9, 2011

from italy with love . . .

although i've had my contracted samples for a while now
my personal order of the anthropologie vessels
arrived this week . . .

i was able to get some sent so i can pass them on
to friends/family/studio gal helper/lawyer etc
as they will be only available online
and in store at anthropologie

i am looking forward to properly
sharing images of them with you all soon

they release in spring in the US
so only a few sleeps away now . . .

AND i am about to release some new work
and when i send out the email newsletter
about all of that
i thought i would give
a piece of the anthropologie collection
away in a competition . . .

if you aren't on the paper boat mailing list
click on the 'join our mailing list' link
on this webpage and i'll be sure to keep you up to date . . .

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