Tuesday, April 5, 2011

i heART japan

my dear friends kenji and sonia have gathered creative friends
and put together an auction to support
their, our, the worlds... beloved japan

and it has been my pleasure to join the artist collective
in donating work to this worthy cause . . .

below is info and a 'how to' bid on the auction
all proceeds go to red cross japan
please if you can, join, bid, support . . .
it starts THIS thursday . . .

In the days following the devastating 11 March 2011 earthquake and tsunami in Japan, Brisbane-based ceramic artist Kenji Uranishi and his wife Sonia felt overwhelmed with sadness and a sense of helplessness being so far away and inable to help.
Turning their grief into positive action, a call went out to their network of artist friends and colleagues for help and was answered by more than 20 talented artists from around the country.

What resulted was i heART japan, a beautiful collection of work including ceramicists, painters, photographers and designers to be auctioned on eBay over a 3 day period starting Thursday 7 April (8pm EST) and ending Sunday April (8pm EST)
The work can be previewed on Facebook in advance HERE

Net proceeds of the auction will be donated to the Red Cross Japan and Pacific Appeal

HERE is the link to the auction

i will be back later in the week to send the link again when it goes live !
thanks in advance for your support
to kenji and sonia for their
beautiful and heartfelt work


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