Monday, April 18, 2011

wait . . . there's more

do any of you remember THESE . . .
well, my dear friend sarah b and i are finally
collaborating again and getting some
more of our beloved wait sculptures created !

we've both in our separate homes been creating
our respective corners of them . . .

sarah, the crocheted beauty that sits on . . .
my organic, stone like sculptures

creating paper weights . . .

we are experimenting with different clays and palettes
( although still keeping the pieces clean and simple )

we have also been working on the packaging for them
sarah with the sewing and me with the embellishing . . .
a collaboration through and through

the new collection will have its debut at sydney finders keepers
on may 20 and 21
but i will be sure to share some more pictures
as they come to life . . .

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