Friday, August 28, 2009

introducing . . .

this years christmas bird . . .

these will be available in store hopefully from the last week or so
of september
( as well as my other christmas ornaments )

in the mean time i am getting
more excited every day
now that i'm feeling slightly better,
and my 12 day trip to japan
is now only a week away !

my fabulous studio girls and i
have been making christmas ornaments for... well... 6 months now,
so we are well and truly on top of things this year . . .
and between all the work and being unwell this winter
my short break away is keeping me inspired and determined to be well
for on my return it will be a crazy workload right up until christmas . . .

and finally a big thank you to all those who
purchased from the sale !
the personalised stars are still listed in store and will be so
up until mid october

have a lovely weekend

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