Tuesday, August 18, 2009

revisiting . . .

as this custom order of one of my pendants sat on my desk
this afternoon, just before the customer picked it up,
i realised how much
in years past, and even in creating this one,
that i love making them.

pendants like this one, in some ways,
was where the ceramic work
i made from scratch with my own hands
really started.
for the years when i started to make these i had decorated

the beautifully constructed vessels my friends made
while part of an artist collective called amfora here in brisbane
( through all of the 90's and a few years into this decade . . . )

i used to make the pendants in my (then) very small home
and a very dear (to say the least) friend of mine,
used to fire them in his kiln for me.

it was in those hours of packing the kiln together
with my work, his work, and our friends work,
that i learned, without even realising it,
how to pack a kiln, glaze, the tricks of the trade really . . .

now i feel it time to revisit these black and white
pendants, so some may pop up from time to time in
my online store
and i'll make sure i get some made for my christmas show too. . .

my winter sale continues to go well,
( i will try and restock the tags etc that have sold out )
thank-you to all those hopefully happy customers
who have purchased work
there's one week left now as the sale ends
monday next week . . .
details HERE

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