Thursday, August 13, 2009

vintage button stars

here is the first reveal of one of the ornaments in
this years christmas range . . .
my vintage button stars

for years i've been collecting all sorts of things to press into clay
vintage plastic buttons, and antique glass buttons,
cutlery, glass, shells . . . (the list goes on)

when i first started making ornaments (years ago now)
i started with ones like this . . .
and this year i have decided to revisit this style . . .
paring back a range without colour just letting the natural
colour of the clay do the talking

my stores have already been placing orders for these
by the hundreds, so there'll be plenty out there
and my online store will stock them also

today we made a pile with the imprint shown in the first photo above.
the patterns and spaces that form as the work is getting made
is such a lovely part of the process . . .
those little parts left behind . . .

and finally
a big thank you to vanessa and the lovely team at
australian home beautiful
who did a humbling little piece on me and my work
in this months issue ( page 30 for those that want to have a peek )

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