Wednesday, May 20, 2009

my mum . . .

above is a snap of a pillow i discovered at the willows last week
( or was it the week before ?? time flies )

my mum had made this in the early 80's i think . . .
during primary school and high school my mum was the
local volunteer screenprinter . . .
printing everything from library bags
to collection bags for red cross door-knock appeals
or shirts for youth groups

( we were all involved in red cross, mum incredibly so )

it was not uncommon to have our veranda at home
covered in something or other . . .
and my brother, sister and i would distribute the mass
of bags or shirts along it as mum worked.

i remember her spending hours carefully cutting
the patterns out of the special paper for the screen . . .
and the smell of the paint as it was sealed with ironing . . .

above is one of her experiments
laying leaves directly onto the screen and printing away . . .
with so much beautiful screen-printing happening
around the place now, it's nice to find this treasure
and be reminded of where i was first introduced
to such a beautiful craft . . .

and although this is a craft i haven't delved into ( yet ??? )
it is lovely to be reminded of the working-creative home
my mum nurtured me in as a child

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