Sunday, May 10, 2009

road trip

i set off early ( very very early ) friday morning with my dad
on a road trip to the willows
to have some time away,
spend some time with my beloved oma (grandma),
have a bit of time to calm my heart and head,
and do some writing . . .

thank you to all who have written to say
how much they love the shop,
and to those who have already purchased from it too
( it's overwhelming really )

my online store is in the capable hands of my shopgirl
teresa ( i'll introduce you to her soon )
she is doing a great job, and her commitment has

allowed me to venture away without worry for a couple of days . . .

the ability to head off into the sunset ( or sunrise as it was )
from time to time
seems easier these days with all the technology at hand
( and thanks to my dad having wireless internet on his laptop )

as i write this i'm sitting in the little room at the back
of our stone house, overlooking seemingly unending scrub
i hear nothing but wind in the trees, and birds . . .
( and the occasional tinkering sound as my dad
tries to fix his homemade solar hot-water system )

i will return to the city in a couple of days
but for now i'm off to have a cup of tea with oma and do some
crosswords with her . . .
happy mothers day to all those mums out there ( especially mine )

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