Friday, May 1, 2009

images of text . . .

above are some images of the show i've been a part of
these past few weeks
text closes this sunday. . . it has been
so lovely to have been asked to a part of this beautiful show

a big thanks must go to the wonderful stephanie outridge field
who curated the show.
stephanie's passion and dedication was also a major part
of the fusions gallery space becoming a reality
( when it opened late last year )

below is the artists statement i wrote about the work:

this piece extends my work practice into installation work,
something i haven’t ventured towards for many years.

visually i aimed to keep the pared back style
my vessels have taken on of late,
but instead of the poem pressed or stamped into the clay
i wanted to create words that came out of the surface
(in this case a wall),
yet all the while keeping the overall effect
minimal and quiet, despite its scale.

words have always been a part of my art practice
in one-way or another.
i see them as a means of a mark as much as line or colour may be…
this particular poem represents to me: connection and steadfastness.

however, as i like to think with poetry…
it talks to each of us from our own perspective,
experience and heart,
and also in this moment,
for next week it may convey something different again...

poem from: count me the stars

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