Tuesday, May 19, 2009

pbp shopgirl . . .

introducing my fabulous friend teresa
who is my shop girl . . .
teresa is enthusiastically packing and sending orders as they come in
from my newly opened online store.

the smooth online-ness of it all couldn't have happened
as stress free without her . . .
i'm so blessed to have a friend, and now work mate like her !

there's also a few other thankyou's that need to be made:
to the beautiful tiel and alischa who helped with those bigcartel
questions and a few other bits and pieces
that seemed aplenty with this non-computer minded gal
and to erin who created the little button for the side of my blog.

i'm lucky to be surrounded by such inspiring and giving friends !
so lucky . . .

p.s. i made the little name badge for teresa and all my other friends
that help at my christmas and other shows so if you've come along to my
shows over time you may have met teresa already. . .

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