Sunday, May 31, 2009

something to look forward to . . .

at the moment in the studio
between orders for vessels and quote tags
( and a few other creations for exhibitions and other things )
we have begun with earnest to create
christmas ornaments !

as the years have passed i have so many more
stores to supply and now an online store too
so this is simply the reality now . . .

and before the real madness starts
i have recently booked a short trip to japan for september . . .
giving me something to look forward to until then, and after
to inspire me for the months that lead to christmas
where the work load seems to double . . .

above is a photo of a manhole cover.
i was obsessed with
photographing them
last visit and have quite a collection of images
( and i look forward to adding to my photo album this visit )

this weekend i have been reading with joy the adventures
of lisa's recent visit
and also researching other amazing places to visit . . .

but now it's back to work . . .
samples of this years bird ornament are out of the kiln
and i'll give you a sneak peek soon . . .

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